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Education goal & Competence


A. To equip students with updated knowledge, cutting-edge research skills, global views, and dynamic conceptions in molecular medicine

B. To guide students in the development of professional attitudes, self-motivations, critical perceptions, and competitive abilities to conduct independent and rigorous researches

C. To train the excellent new generations of scientists in molecular medicine for Taiwan and for the world



A. Good reading comprehension of scientific materials and excellent capabilities in applying professional knowledge

To train students to have good backgrounds in general and specialized fields and to have a global view of science

B. Abilities of updating and organizing innovative knowledge and demonstrating good communicational skills

To train students to learn efficiently and to apply their knowledge effectively

C. The abilities and applications in biomedical research and technology

To train students in acquiring both the knowledge and practical applications in biomedical research & technology

D. Problem-solving skills

To train students to become independent thinkers capable of conducting independent and innovative research in molecular medicine