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Course planning framework of IMM

Courses Planning

Total credits: 30 credits

  • Required Courses: 10 credits

[Seminar I – IV] 4 credits

[Advanced Medical Biology] 3 credits

[Advanced Cell Biology] 3 credits

  • Elective Courses: 14 credits
  • Thesis: 6 credits
  1. Required courses need to be taken within the semester. (Please remember to select the courses online.)
  2. Elective courses are categorized into 3 fields [Cancer Biology; Genetics and Developmental Biology; Infections Disease]. Students can select courses from these fields. (Courses which students take should be approved by their advisors.)
  3. Summer courses related to biotechnology can be waivered up to 3 credits. (Students registered after 2015 can be waivered up to 5 credits in special circumstances after seeking your advisor’s approval.)
  4. Courses taken from the NCKU medical department or other related courses during undergraduates can be waivered up to 2 credits after approval from your advisor and the Curriculum Committee.)
  5. Other waivered credits needs to be applied to the Curriculum Committee at the beginning of the semester.

course planing framework of IMM(pdf)

course planning map