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From its founding in 1988 to 1996, the branch clinics were scattered in three areas: 10F of the medical school, 9B and 12C of the hospital. On the whole, there were shortcomings in space and graphics equipment at that time. Greatly improved.

Ben was officially relocated to the third and fourth floors of the Uni-Health Research Building located on Qianlu at the end of January 1997. Among them, teachers have personal laboratories and cell culture rooms, as well as expensive instrument rooms, darkrooms, cold rooms, fluorescent microscope rooms, laboratory operation rooms, washing rooms, centrifuge rooms, 3 student seminar rooms, and 1 meeting room in a small room. And equipped with a single gun head shadow equipment hollow and function 2, the basement of the building is set up by a number of National Health Institutes, set up a comprehensive audio-visual equipment introduction and international lecture hall He Mande.

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